(MR Grade Plywood IS:710)

As one of the best plywood suppliers in India, we take pride in providing high-quality products that are suited to your unique requirements. Our Agni PLATINA plywood is made from 100% hardwood lumber, delivering exceptional durability and strength. This premium plywood has multi-laminate hardwood veneers for superior stability and a high-quality rotary Gurjan face. It is designed for high-loading applications where strength is essential, with excellent face veneer quality and termite and borer resistance in vacuum pressure-impregnated plants.

Agni PLATINA is intended to survive prolonged exposure to damp and dry climates, making it very resistant to fungal assault. It's the best solution for high-risk situations and applications, as it meets the Bureau of Indian criteria' (BIS) strict IS:710 criteria.

You have come to the right place if you are in search of the Best Plywood Suppliers in Yamuna Nagar as Agni plywood surpasses the necessary technical requirements and successfully meets international quality standards which makes us the best plywood manufacturers in India. Under the supervision of technical experts, it is made with the highest care using carefully chosen pieces of core and face veneers.

The final plywood, expertly manufactured by the leading plywood manufacturers in yamunanagar, is subjected to a suitable chemical treatment using water-soluble fixed-type preservatives under vacuum pressure in order to offer protection against wood-destroying organisms and to guarantee that the product is free of insects, borer, termites, and fungi. The anti-warp qualities of plywood, which keep them dimensionally stable in both excessively damp and dry conditions, are also checked using this special stress-relieving procedure.

Features of AGNI PLATINA:

  • Made with 100% hard wood timber.
  • Bonded with water proof PF resin.
  • Treated against termite and borer.
  • Double pressed for extra strength.
  • Calibrated for perfect thickness.
  • Made with pre-jointed wider core and panel.
  • 100% water proof panel.
  • High nail holding capacity

Sizes : 8x4ft, 7x4ft, 6x4ft, 6x3ft.
Thickness : 19mm and 20mm